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Wellington Matball                                                                     

Wellington Matball is a game similar to kickball and other diamond games but has a few unique rules.  We use the name Matball because we use the floor mats as bases.  Wellington's version of the game was initially created to be played in the Gard Gym but has been modified throughout the years to work in the Borror Gymnasium.

The basic rules are common to kickball, softball, or baseball.  Kick a pitched ball into the field then run to 1st..2nd..3rd.

If a player leaves 3rd base he/she must try to score.  To score the runner must touch home and make it to 1st without getting out.  After scoring the runner stays on the bases until they are tagged out or thrown out.

There are no baselines.  Players can run anywhere to avoid the ball as long as they touch the bases in order; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, home then 1st.

A player is out when:

  1. They are tagged or hit by the ball below the shoulder.
  2. They kick the ball and it hits the ceiling.
  3. Their kick is a fly ball and it is caught by the fielding team before it lands on   the ground
  4. A runner steps off base before the ball is kicked.  No lead offs.  No steals.

There are no forced outs or tag ups.  A player may continue to the next base if a fly ball is caught.

Teams may have more than one player on a base at a time.

When playing in the Gard Gym the whole gymnasium is in play.  No foul balls except if the ball leaves the gym area and does not return.  For example: a ball that gets kicked out the door, into the loft, or onto the bleachers and does not fall back to the ground.  Due to the size of the Borror Gym balls must travel in front of home plate and stay in front of home plate until played by the fielding team.